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Cat Allergy Quiz

Let's face it, allergies suck. And there's a huge number of the population who believe they are allergic to cats. Well, we've built a simple quiz for you to help you get to the truth of the matter. Take our handy quiz to see if you're really allergic to cats, or if it's just coincidence.

Cat Allergy Quiz


1. Do you have a history of other allergies, such as to pollen, dust, or food?

2. Do your eyes become itchy, watery, or red only after being near cats?

3. Do you feel unusually tired or experience 'brain fog' specifically after being around cats?

4. Are your sore throat and sinus discomfort more prevalent around cats?

5. Do you notice skin rashes or hives only after contact with cats?

6. If you have asthma, does it get worse in the presence of cats?

7. Do you experience a stuffy nose or sneezing mainly when near cats?

8. Are your symptoms consistent in different environments with cats?

9. Do your symptoms persist or worsen with prolonged exposure to cats?

10. Do your symptoms mimic a cold but predominantly occur around cats?

11. Do your symptoms lessen or disappear in cat-free environments?

12. Do allergy medications relieve your symptoms when around cats?

I'm Allergic To Cats, What Now?

First things first. If you've taken our quiz and seen a likely allergic response, consult with a doctor to run a real test first. This quiz is designed to aid you, not diagnose you. Only a real doctor can do that.

But, if you find yourself allergic to cats and it's taking a toll on your life and well-being, there are solutions.

Invest In A Good Air Purifier

Yes, as simple as it may sound, a great many people have seriously reduced their allergic reaction to cats by utilizing an air filter.

Air filters are designed to catch dirt and debris in the air, making them an ideal choice to naturally filter out odd smells and even cat dander from the air. And our top choice for an air filter these days is the Levoit.

The Levoit Air Purifier has consistently brought clean air to our home, and the multitude of sizes available make them a top choice in our book. Before giving up on your cat, try an air filter to see if it helps.

And if the air filter doesn't work for you, we've got some other ideas.

Keep the windows open

Same idea as an air filter - the goal here is to ensure the cat dander doesn't rest all over the house and get kicked around. Keeping your windows open to ensure there's a breeze is a great and easy way to keep air circulation.

Keep everything clean

If you have a cloth sofa or rugs, keeping cat hair off everything gets challenging fast. But don't fret, there are solutions. You can start off with a simple Pet Hair Removal Tool for rugs. These work wonders, and they are cheap. But it's manual work, and can likely damage a couch.

A pet hair remover will run even with your carpet and sweep up all that clogged hair that's flattened or gotten dug in there. Don't be surprised if you have to go over your carpet multiple times to really get everything off. And most importantly, be prepared to be impressed by how much hair is in your carpet.

And if you do need to get a deeper clean, well Dyson has done a great job at building high quality and super powerful vacuums for pet owners. And if you need to get into the couch, you can always use a steam cleaner.

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