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Are Air Fresheners Safe For Cats?

It's critical to avoid toxic house items and choose environmentally friendly, natural alternatives as a cat lover and caregiver. Your cat's liver and kidneys are already working hard to detoxify pollutants in carpeting, particle board furniture, vaccines, flea treatments, the air, and so on. Indoor air is considerably more hazardous than outdoor air! Did you […]

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9 Best Cat Costumes For Halloween

Felines and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's a match made in heaven, as cats are natural predators and therefore perfect for the spooky holiday. However, there's one major issue with this strategy, and that has to do with cats' behaviors when being forced to do, well, anything. They tend to either […]

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How To Trim Cat Nails: An Expert Guide

For many cat owners, trimming their cat's claws is an unpleasant task. It can be time-consuming and tedious to cut a cat's nail far enough back so that it doesn't snag on objects but not so much that the nail stops growing or you hit their blood vessels. The process can also be painful for […]

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