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Colloidal Silver For Cats

Colloidal silver is a natural, safe and effective antibiotic for cats.

It has been used for over 100 years in humans to fight infections of all kinds, and is now also being used by many people with cats because of its ability to kill bacteria that cause disease without harming the cat’s cells or organs.

Colloidal silver can be administered orally or applied directly on wounds, burns, skin ulcers and other injuries. 

Colloidal silver kills bacteria like E-coli which causes diarrhea so it's great for pets who are often exposed to these harmful bacteria when they go outside into the dirt and grasses. In fact, you can even use colloidal silver to clean surfaces that your cats usually eat at, it’s a natural disinfectant. 

Colloidal silver can be used in combination with most medications and is compatible with all diets. It has no known side effects or interactions with other drugs, chemicals or herbs.

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Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Cats

In terms of cat health care and treating cats with a natural material, colloidal silver has an insane amount of benefits. It kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, viral infection, and fungi. Because it is non toxic it also helps promote healthy cells and organs.

It's safe for all animals and can be used as a natural alternative to prescription antibiotics with no known side effects or interactions with other drugs or chemicals.

It's an extremely effective treatment for a plethora of health issues and as far as a natural lifestyle goes, it's one of the best and most powerful substances on the market. A few drops will work wonders on itchy skin or eye infections.

Conditions Colloidal Silver Can Help Treat

As we’ve already mentioned, colloidal silver is a great natural antibiotic for many infections. If you are cat parents it's a good idea to get an understanding of colloidal silver and its many benefits as it may come in handy, and is definitely something you should keep in your medicine cabinet. 

Some of the conditions it can treat are:

Skin Infections

Ringworm, mange, fungal infections and hotspots are all skin infections that can easily be treated through the use of colloidal silver. 

Eye Infections

If your cat ends up with an eye infection, colloidal silver is a great way to help with conjunctivitis, pink eye, feline herpes virus infection and other viral diseases of the eyes.

Ear Infections

If you’re like us, ear infections are all too common in our household. Regular cleaning is one way to help, but once the ear is infected, colloidal silver can do a great job at cleaning out ear mites and other infections. 

Gastrointestinal Infections

If your cat regularly suffers from gastrointestinal infections you can introduce small amounts to your cat's water bowl to help purify their body of harmful bacteria. 

Respiratory Infections

Colloidal silver has been known to aid in the treatment of many respiratory infections such as feline respiratory disease complex (FRDC), flu, pneumonia and feline calicivirus.

Urinary Tract Infections

If your cat suffers from UTI’s, colloidal silver has been shown to be extremely effective in its treatment. UTIs are common for cats who live or closely interact with indoor/outdoor cats. 

Dental Cavities

Due to the antibacterial properties found in colloidal silver, it can help treat gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath by killing bacteria that causes these problems. This can be used as a natural alternative to brushing your cat's teeth. Trust us when we say it’s way easier to administer colloidal silver than it is to brush their teeth. 


Colloidal silver is a great item to apply topically to any open cuts or sores as a way to disinfect it. 


Colloidal silver is one of the best topical treatments to burns for your cat.

Internal Bleeding

If your cat has suffered intense trauma from falling or being struck by a car, colloidal silver has even been shown to help stop the internal bleeding and speed up their recovery process. 

As you can see, colloidal silver is an amazing multipurpose tool to use for treating so many issues in cats (and other animals too!). On top of those listed above, it can also help with yeast infections, bacterial infection, periodontal disease, and so much more.

How To Treat Ear Infections in Cats With Colloidal Silver

One of the most common issues for cats is ear infections since they do not have a way to expel waste from their body, unlike humans. They frequently get yeast and bacterial infections in their ears which causes inflammation, pain and even temporary deafness as well as other symptoms. These difficult to treat problems can be easily treated with colloidal silver mixed with purified water or alcohol (not recommended because it's too harsh).

When treating an ear infection with colloidal silver, follow these steps:

  1. Clean around the base of the cat’s ears with a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of colloidal silver mixed with purified water 2-3 times per day for 1-2 weeks if possible. *Do not put anything inside the cat's ear canal*. The mixture should be applied over the entire infected area and gently rubbed in.
  2. After allowing 1 week for this to take effect you can spray colloidal silver into the ear canal twice a day for an additional 1-2 weeks to kill any remaining bacteria. *Do not exceed 4 weeks of continuous use without at least 2-3 days off in between treatments*.

Remember, if it doesn't seem like your cat is getting better after 3-4 consecutive days of treatment, skip a few days and start again as you probably don't need to continue using it that often.

This treatment will also help with relieving inflammation caused by all types of cat's ear infections. You can find many different treatments for this condition but most do not work because they actually contain harmful chemicals and other dangerous substances.


  • Never use colloidal silver within or around the ears of a cat who is younger than 8-10 weeks old as this could cause damage to their developing ear canals.
  • Do not use on deep cuts as it does not create a barrier like aloe vera gel would do.

Colloidal silver doesn't just work as an antibiotic, but also works as an anti-inflammatory and astringent which makes it perfect for treating both bacterial infections and yeast infections. It's also safe to use with pregnant cats since it does not have any chemicals in it. Regular doses may even help prevent infections from occurring in pregnant cats by strengthening immune system function. Be sure to only use colloidal silver which is made with pure distilled water to avoid potential contaminants.

Colloidal Silver Dosage For Cats

Since colloidal silver is safe to use with cats, it's okay to give them an occasional dose orally (with an oral syringe) which can prevent infections and adverse reactions from developing. Since cats usually love the taste of meat-flavored foods like tuna you can either mix it into their regular food. 

Dosage: 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon twice per day for 3-5 days in between treatments is enough for mild cases and ¼-1/2 teaspoon 3-5 times per day for more severe infections.

*You should never be giving colloidal silver to very young kittens without first consulting your veterinarian as it may be too harsh on their kidneys and other undeveloped organs.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe For Cats?

Yes, it's completely safe to use colloidal silver on cats as long as you're using high quality products that do not contain any added chemicals or contaminants. This will not harm them at all because colloidal silver is such a powerful substance it simply passes through their digestive system almost immediately and does not require any further digestion process before passing through their kidneys and other organs.

Once again, only use silver colloidal which is made from pure distilled water for safety purposes so you can avoid any potential toxins or substances which could cause harm to your cat. If you have health concerns you should conduct a vet visit before administering colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver For Cats: A Closer Look At Safety

Since cats are sensitive creatures you should take extra care to make sure that the product you're using is not only safe but also pleasant for them. Add one ounce of colloidal silver (or 1 tablespoon if it's a high PPM mixture) to one cup of clean drinking water and mix well.

Sometimes, this mixture will turn slightly blue which has many people believing that it's no longer effective; however, this is just a chemical reaction which occurs only in the presence of silver ions and this is perfectly normal. 

Since cats are much smaller than humans, an accurate dosage can be difficult to judge so it's important to mix enough colloidal silver with clean drinking water so that your cat consumes at least one teaspoon per day. Consider it a nutritional supplement for your poor kitty.

If you want to use this for longer periods of time you can mix 1 tablespoon (the maximum amount) with one cup of clean drinking water and give this daily or every other day instead. This ensures that your cat will not accidentally overdose on the mixture while still providing them with some anti-bacterial protection when they need it most.

If you're using a glass dropper bottle (which I highly recommend) then simply count out 8-10 drops and mix it with water to create a 1 PPM mixture.

*Never give your cat more than the recommended dosage without first checking with your vet as even colloidal silver could cause damage if taken in excess over time*.

If you are using a spray bottle, try to measure out how much 8-10 drops looks. The oral syringe has been much easier for us to gauge how much we are administering, and most bottles come with a syringe.

Colloidal Silver Side Effects On Cats

There are no known negative side effects of using colloidal silver with cats as it only provides them with protection against infections and does not contain any sort of ingredients which

*Never give full drops directly into their mouth as this can cause serious damage.*

Colloidal Silver Mixture For Cats: Which Type Should You Use?

The effectiveness of colloidal silver depends primarily on the percentage of silver in the mixture and secondarily on the size of individual particles. The smaller these silver particles are, the easier it is for them to pass through any blood barrier and get close enough to fight off infections. This is why I recommend using a high PPM mixture with extremely small silver nanoparticles or even better pure distilled water that's been electrolytically charged into micro-sized particles which have a much higher surface area. See our top picks below.

If your cat has a bad infection then you should use an even higher concentration of silver ions in order to induce apoptosis within the cell walls of harmful microbes which have invaded their body. You can also add colloidal gold or colloidal platinum if you wish although this isn't entirely necessary as long as you provide your cat with the silver ions they need to fight off infections.

The best way to use colloidal silver with cats is by using high quality products which contain large quantities of nanosilver particles so you can ensure that their bodies are receiving the full benefit of this powerful substance without having to deal with any unpleasant side effects or harmful substances (just be sure that there aren't any extra chemicals added). 

Most pure distilled water will not conduct electricity through its body although sometimes soldering equipment may contain additional metals, minerals, and even toxic substances like lead or arsenic which could cause serious problems if consumed by your cat.

If you use distilled water for this purpose then you do not have to worry about these contaminants; however, always check the purity levels before giving any product to your furry friend. 

Colloidal Silver For Cats: Our Top Picks

If you are looking for our recommendations on the best and safest colloidal silver for your cats, here they are. Remember to keep in mind that colloidal silver is natural, so most of them will work just fine on all cats. The only main thing to keep an eye out for is that it’s made with distilled water to reduce the possibility of additional contaminants in it. 

Natural Path Silver Wings Dropper

Natural path has been our top pick for years. It’s safe, affordable, and strong. It’s made with pharmaceutical grade deionized water, which is why it’s our top choice. Plus it’s done us well for years. 

Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Gel

If you are looking for a gel to help treat burns or scabs, we can recommend Silver Miracles as a safe and effective solution. 

Trace Minerals Colloidal Silver Spray

If you plan to use colloidal silver for a cats mouth, a spray is recommended as it’s an easy way to administer the dosage. In these cases we suggest Trace Minerals as a natural and safe spray to use. 

Silver Holistics Colloidal Silver Liquid Solution

To get a good supply of colloidal silver, we recommend picking up at least an 8oz bottle of it in it’s natural form. Silver Holistics makes a great product with distilled water 

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