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Best Cat Food And Water Bowls

If you are like me, you love your cat. You want the best for them with everything they need to be happy and healthy. One question that is often asked of pet owners is what type of food and water bowls are best for your cats. Cat bowls may look pretty standard at first glance, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

We know how picky cats can be about, well just about anything, but when it comes to food bowls, they won't complain much. But before you go buying the cheapest food bowl you can, remember there's a lot more at play that meets the eye, and most of the issues from cheaper food bowls ends up annoying you, not your cats. Not to mention the risk of irritation for your cat (we have some natural suggestions for infections or irritations you should know about, such as colloidal silver). There's a lot of common household items that can be harmful to your cat, and make no mistake, food bowls are something to pay attention to.

It's also important to mention that outside of the bowls your cat eats from, the food is, of course, important as well. The wrong food is one of the most common reasons for excessive shedding as well as bad poop smells!

Consider a bowl where your cat is eating and food ends up all over the floor for no reason. Now picture your cat shoving their head into a bowl that's too deep. And the worst of all are the food bowls that make a lot of noise! We still have some of these and they can really drive you mad hearing your cat pushing them and rattling them throughout the night.

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Now let's jump into our staff picks of the best cat bowls on the market today!

Overall Food Bowls

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls

In terms of a great overall bowl, the Fukumaru set is hands down the best choice. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it's a set that is ergonomically beneficial for your cat's food delivery. The material is ceramic so it will have a long life and can be washed with regular dishes. Huge benefit that it's not plastic.

Ergonomic Cat Bowls

YEIRVE 15°Elevated Cat Food Bowls

In terms of cat bowls that are ergonomic, outside of our top choice, this one is a home run. It's fashionable and ergonomic with rave reviews. It even comes with a silicone mat to help with extra spills while your cat is eating. It's a unique design that can be perceived as a little cheesy if you aren't overly into cats on everything. In our opinion, the glass bowls are stylish though.

Cat Bowls Set

Y YHY Cat Food Bowls Set

This is an amazing set that has everything we could ask for. It's raised up, so it has some ergonomic benefit to it, yet it's still close to the floor in case you have kittens. You can see that it's carefully crafted, and is different from most. The rubber feet are a huge benefit (trust us on this one, no one wants to hear metal scraping on the kitchen floor as your cats charge full speed at their bowl).

Raised Cat Food And Water Bowls

Kitty City Cat Bowl

The most basic raised pet bowl we could find. This is a great economical offer available for those that need a cheap set of cat bowls that are raised. To protect an older cat's back you should have your bowl raised to get the right height for their feeding. It's easy for cats to eat and will give them a better experience.

Budget Cat Bowls

Van Ness ECOWARE Cat Dish

For those on a budget, this is the de-facto cat food bowl for your house. The bowl is shallow and wide to prevent whisker stress, which is a real issue. The price is unbeatable, and it's made of 47% bamboo so it's great for the environment and more importantly, safe for your cat.

Slow Feeder Food Bowl

Lorde Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

Slow feeders are common to help slow down a cat that wants to eat non stop. Generally, cats consuming food too fast leads to vomit, so the slow feeders can really help this issue, and this is best one we've found. It's made of ceramic and a tried and true slow feeder to help save your cat from throwing up from overeating.

Gravity Feeder Cat Food Bowls

PetSafe Healthy Pet Food Station or Water Station

Gravity feeders are great if you are worried about feeding your cat when you are away for the day or even longer, so you don't need to see how long your cat can go without food. The gravity feeder will keep the cat bowls full of food so they never run out, without the risk of them eating everything at once. They are also amazing for water storage as well (though keeping the faucet running in the bathtub usually works just fine for us!).

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