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The 8 Best Cat Trees For All Homes in 2023

When we first got our cats we were so excited to get them toys, and we mean all the toys. We quickly found that one of the most reliable and long lasting things you can buy your cat is actually a cat tree. 

It’s a staple of our home and it’s something that gives our cats a feeling of safety, and it’s a great way to keep them off our furniture. Plus, it gives them something to scratch so we don’t have to keep trimming their nails.

Purchasing a cat tree can be a once in a decade event or it can be something you do every year, it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend and the quality of the tree paired with how often your cat really uses it. 

We’ve identified 8 cat trees that we can give a stamp of approval for, all are designed to last, and each has their own unique selling point. Hopefully you can find one that suits your household and your cats specific needs. Here’s our top picks: 

  1. Catry Cat Tree - Best Overall - $ - Check Price
  2. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower - Best For Lots Of Cats - $$ - Check Price
  3. Amazon Basics Cat Tree - Best For Small Spaces - $$ - Check Price
  4. Petepela 5 Tier Cat Tree - Tallest - $$ - Check Price
  5. Pawz Cactus Cat Tower - Cutest - $$ - Check Price
  6. Fish & Nap Indoor Cat Condo - Basic - $ - Check Price
  7. Feandrea WoodyWonders Tree - Luxury - $$$ - Check Price
  8. MAU Modern Cat Tree Tower - Modern - $$$ - Check Price

Our ratings take into account a few different factors, and most importantly for you to know, we overrode the #1 place to give it to Catry as we have had to purchase three of these things because our cats absolutely love it. So Yaki’s vote really carried the most weight. 

The main factors we are looking at here are price, durability, how many cats it can fit, and we’ve looked at user feedback as a major factor. Sometimes you get a bad product, it happens, so we wanted to make sure our reviews were unbiased and looked at how it fared for users overall. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety in cat trees, and they come in at very different price points. Below we will dive into the specifics of each tree so you can get a better idea of which one makes the most sense for your cats and your home. 

1. Catry Cat Tree

Yaki’s favorite cat tree. We’ve had quite a few cat trees over the years and we keep coming back to Catry for it’s simplicity, durability and price point. It’s a really common sight for us to see both Yaki and Yavapai on here, and all the cats use the sisal to trim their nails. 

Catry Cat Tree Pros

The best thing about this cat tree is the price honestly. It’s the cheapest on our list and it’s been battle tested by Yaki himself, and he’s knocked it over a few times. It’s got a design that’s simple and easy to look at, but clean. We really can’t picture our apartment without it at this point, it’s really a staple for us to see Yaki or Yavapai sleeping in the basket. 

Catry Cat Tree Cons

Catry tried to put a little toy under the top resting perch so cats can play with it. On our first tree, the cats ripped it off in about 10 minutes. The current one still has it because they have 0 interest in playing with it, they use this for sleeping and scratching. The other major downside here is that it can only fit two cats, while all the others on the list can take at least three. 

Height: 27.8”
Width: 15.7” x 15.7”
Maximum Cats: 2

2. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower

If you have a lot of cats this is probably a much more suitable tree than our top choice. The Yaheetech is a huge cat condo that can fit 7 cats comfortably. It has everything you need to keep them entertained, and it’s got a wide base which means it’s strong and sturdy. 

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Pros

The best thing about this cat tree is it’s abundance of sections for cats. It has a top perch with lots of other perches, a hammock, scratching pad, and a condo as well as some ropes and balls as toys. It truly has everything to keep a cat happy and entertained. And if you’re worried about something like this coming down, don’t. Yaheetech has created an anti-toppling strip. Basically you attach this to the wall so theres no chance they knock the whole thing down. 

Yaheetech Cat Tree Cons

We can’t say with certainty, but Yaheetech makes a lot of products, meaning they are not specialists. We would fear the longevity of this tree if it was in our home. You should have a few good years out of this one at least though, and at it’s price point, it’s still a bargain. 

Height: 63”
Width: 31” x 19”
Maximum Cats: 7

3. Amazon Basics Cat Tree

What can we say, Amazon makes a lot of quality products and there’s certainly a great line of support for any issues you may face with this cat tree. It’s good for up to three cats, and it looks clean. At it’s price point, it’s quite a bargain as well. 

Amazon Basics Cat Tree Pros

What we love about this tree is that it’s simple in design, which means it works almost anywhere. It’s slim, so you can squeeze it in a small apartment with no issues, and it’s pretty tall as well, so it’s great for small apartments. 

Amazon Basics Cat Tree Cons

The worst thing about this tree is that the top perch is a little small, but it’s pretty normal for this to be the case. If you have a large cat (over 15 pounds), they might have some trouble getting comfortable in it. But we’ve also seen that cats really love cramming themselves in small spaces, so maybe it’s a benefit for your cat. 

Height: 45.88”
Width: 17.72” x 17.72”
Maximum Cats: 3

4. Petepela 5 Tier Floor To Ceiling Cat Tower

Our top pick if you are trying to maximize vertical space in your home. Floor to ceiling cat towers are great ways to keep your cats climbing on things you want them on, and it gives them the hunting sensation they crave. Paired with the price and height, this is an amazing value if you want to test out a floor to ceiling cat tower. 

Petepela Cat Tower Pros

The price is our biggest benefit here, paired with it being designed for stability. In most floor to ceiling designs you really need to pay attention to design, because small movements from that high up can cause large items to come tumbling down, but with Petepela they designed this with a tension rod that adjusts so you actually have stability from the floor to the ceiling. It’s also easy to adjust the height and not add all pieces if you are working in a much smaller place than a standard room height. 

Petepela Cat Tower Cons

The material used here is not meant to last a lifetime. The wood is rather thin, the carpet is thin, and the sisal is thin. This tree is great for trying out how your cat enjoys the vertical life, but don’t expect to have it in three years. The space for cats is actually small as well, and full size cats might have some challenges trying too get comfortable. 

Height: 107.9”
Width: 17.9” x 9.8”
Maximum Cats: 4

5. Pawz Cactus Cat Tower

Next on our list is, in our opinion, the cutest cat tower on our list. Now, cute here means it has a unique design which also means it’s not for everyone. But, to us, there’s something about a cactus that we just associate with cats. So it makes sense. Outside of it being a really fun design, it’s a great way to entertain your cats at a reasonable price point. 

Pawz Cactus Cat Tower Pros

At the price, this cat tree is not only  adorable, but an amazing value. Outside of a condo and two perches for your cat to choose from, it has ample sisal neatly decorated as a cactus. They have also attached a few pom pom balls for your cats to play with, which I’m sure they will love. 

Pawz Cactus Cat Tower Cons

The two big downsides to this (if you’re okay with the style) is that it’s rather small and easy to knock over. Now, most cat trees aren’t going to stay standing if your cat comes barreling into it in the middle of the night, peak zoomies. Not sure how negative it is, but it’s worth pointing out. The size, however, could really be an issue for some. It’s not going ot be great for a big cat to get into, but again, sometimes cats really do love smaller spaces. 

Height: 43”
Width: 33” x 18.5”
Maximum Cats: 3

6. Fish & Nap Indoor Cat Condo

Fish & Nap has made one of the most basic, but well designed cat tree options available on the market. If, for whatever reason, you didn’t like the Catry cat tree, the Fish & Nap is an excellent alternative that has a few color options to choose from. It’s basic but comfortable, perfect for nearly any space. 

Fish & Nap Indoor Cat Condo Pros

The obvious reason for picking up this cat tree is the reasonable price for what you get. Outside of the price point, Fish & Nap have also done a great job making a cat tree that has a stable design without being overly complex or elaborate. It’s basic and easy on the eyes, and cats seem to love it. 

Fish & Nap Indoor Cat Condo Cons

The worst thing about this cat tree is that it can be a little unstable. Yes, cats can knock it down if they want to, but it’s not going to just fall apart for no reason. Apart from stability issues, as with most cat trees, it comes in on the smaller side. Larger cats will struggle getting comfortable in this. 

Height: 30”
Width: 17.7” x 13”
Maximum Cats: 3

7. Feandrea WoodyWonders Cat Tree

Is your cat a diva? Feandrea has created one of the most stable and well designed cat trees in the market. Now, this cat tree isn’t for everyone, in fact, at this price point it’s the second most expensive tree on our list. But, you get what you pay for, and Feandrea will not disappoint on that front. 

Feandrea WoodWonders Cat Tree Pros

Unlike most of the cat trees on this list, this one is made of solid wood. What does that mean for you? It means it’s going to last a lot longer than most of the other models we’ve reviewed up to this point. Pair the real wood with a super soft fabric and you’re really talking about a luxury lifestyle for your cat. Our last pro for this tree is the cushions. You can remove them to wash them, and since it’s real wood, it looks amazing without the cushions as well. It’s a truly versatile cat tree. 

Feandrea WoodWonders Cat Tree Cons

Like most cat trees, this one fails to accommodate larger cats. Now, it’s got bigger perches than most on the list, but it’s still not going to comfortably sit your Maine Coon so buyer beware. Some have also complained that it’s wobbly, but again, this is a common issue for most cat trees. 

Height: 54.3”
Width: 21.7” x 17.7”
Maximum Cats: 6

8. MAU Modern Cat Tree Tower

Last but not least is the MAU modern cat tree tower. It’s unique design is sure to give hesitation to some potential buyers, but those buyers shouldn’t be looking at MAU cat trees anyway. These are unique in design and in build, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a better built cat tree. 

MAU Modern Cat Tree Tower Pros

One of the biggest issues with most cat trees is that perches break. This means you have to trash the cat tree. But not with MAU, with a MAU cat tree you can buy replacement parts. So if the style fits your room, this one will last you. It’s incredibly sturdy and made of natural wooden branches so it looks incredible. 

MAU Modern Cat Tree Tower Cons

The only issue you may face with a cat tree like this is the style and price point. If you are comfortable spending more than double the price of a normal cat tree, get shopping. 

Height: 45”
Width: 24” x 18”
Maximum Cats: 3

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