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Best Litter Boxes For Large Cats

If you have a big cat, you know the problems with most items on the market, and litter boxes are no exception. FInding a great litter box for a big kitty is no easy task. 

Lucky for you, Yaki’s a 15lb cat and we’ve got lots of experience with litter boxes to help guide you in the right direction. 

We won’t bore you with details, let’s hop into the best litter boxes on the market for bigger cats. Click the name of the product in the dropdowns below to jump to our review on each box. 

Van Ness Hooded Litter Box22.6"L x 18.1"W x 8"HCheck Price
PetFusion Better Box22.6"L x 18.1"W x 8"HCheck Price
PetMate Open Litter Box22"L x 16.5"W x 6.5"HCheck Price
Iris Open Top Litter Box19"L x 15"W x 11.75"HCheck Price

Van Ness Hooded Litter Box

This litter box is our top litter box for cats in general, and it goes for large cats as well. Van Ness has created a fantastic litter box for cats of all sizes, and our 15 lb cat can get in there and do his business with no problems. It’s a highly recommended litter box for all the right reasons, even for bigger cats. 


The best thing about this box is that it’s durable and hooded. This means it won’t have your apartment smelling like litter all day. The second best thing is that Yaki loves it, and so do we. It just works. There’s nothing particularly special about this box, it’s just a useful and well priced litter box to ensure your cat has the space to do what needs to be done.


The worst thing about this box is that it’s cheap and made of cheaper plastic. If your cat has long nails, they can really scratch the base of this box and leave big gashes in it. This means at some point it gets impossible to properly clean, and you need to replace the bottom. But it’s built well enough that you can expect at least a year out of this box, and for under $20, it’s a steal. 

Dimensions: 22.6"L x 18.1"W x 8"H

PetFusion Better Box Open Top Litter Box

Now, this box is a great option for those searching for a higher quality litter box that can stand the test of time. PetFusion has created a premium litter box with tall walls and and open top that is suitable for the biggest of cats. 


In terms of an unrestricted litter box, an open top is great for bigger cats. It doesn’t matter how large a cat is, when there’s no top, they can fit in there, at least long enough to do their business. This one's extra benefit is that it’s made of high quality plastic that deters any litter from sticking. The corners are also curved so it’s incredibly easy to clean up and will last a long time. 


The worst thing about this litter box is that it doesn’t have a top. In terms of smell, these don’t help at all. You can read our tips for eliminating an odor smell in an apartment here for additional tips on how to deal with the smell. But this box requires constant cleaning, and that’s really the only issue here. 

Dimensions: 22.6"L x 18.1"W x 8"H

PetMate Open Cat Litter Box

PetMate is a household brand name any cat owner can get behind. Their products are thoughtful, durable, and reliable. And their open cat litter box may not be fancy or easy on the eyes, but its functions at its finest (and cheapest). For an XL litter box at a discount price, PetMate wins, hands down. 


The biggest pro here is the price. Coming in at under $10, it’s easy and cheap to replace. Any open top boxes are great for big cats because you never hit a limit in height. If you have a 20 lb Maine Coon, they will fit with no issues. 


PetMate sold themselves short by making such harsh corners. In fact, the worst thing here is that it’s hard to clean if your cats love shooting for the corners (Yavapai loves doing this to us). Outside of the sharp corners, the walls could have been a bit higher as well. 

Dimensions: 22"L x 16.5"W x 6.5"H

Iris Open Top Litter Box

Again, one of the best litter boxes available on the market in general, the Iris is perfectly suitable for larger cats. The open top design gives free access to the biggest of cats, and the tall walls ensure a mess isn’t made. 


Outside of it’s size, this litter box excels at providing high walls to eliminate the chance of a huge mess. Unlike other litter boxes though, the sides are attachable, and by those means, detachable as well. So you can customize the box as needed which is a great benefit here. 


We will never understand what possesses litter box designers to create little nooks in the corners of a box. In the case of the Iris, the nook is rather odd and creates a huge issue for cats who just love urinating in corners. It creates an extremely difficult area of the litter box to scoop up. But with the tall sides, at least you’re not cleaning litter off the floor, so it’s kind of a wash here. 

Dimensions: 19"L x 15"W x 11.75"H

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