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The Fairness To Pet Owners Act

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In 2019 Congress passed The Fairness To Pet Owners Act. This act has helped pet owners to choose where to purchase their prescription pet medication. The real goal of the bill was to make prescriptions for pets more affordable. If you have pet insurance, you already know how expensive medications can be.

The Fairness To Pet Owners Act has provided a way for pet owners to have a clear and concise way to move their prescriptions around. You are no longer required to fill in the same location and can look for the cheapest price. Pet owners who have cats who suffer from ongoing medical conditions can now find the best value available.

What Does The Fairness To Pet Owners Act Really Mean?

To keep it short, the Fairness To Pet Owners Act means that your veterinarian no longer has any ulterior motives to prescribe medication for your pets. Since you can fill a prescription where you choose, they don't necessarily directly profit from it.

In reality, most pet owners do not face this sort of issue, as most vet's (at least from pet owners we've spoken to) are quite honest in their assessments and no one is eager to prescribe pets ongoing medications. (We certainly prefer colloidal silver).

You can read for yourself the entire bill here.


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  1. I live in New Hampshire. My dog's vet will not give me a prescription for heartworm pills. I placed an order with a pharmacy and he ignored it for 2 days until I called him. He is using the term that "he will give me a prescription" but he will only fill it through his affiliate link through Covetrus but he will not actually give me a prescription. I don't want to be overcharged or forced to buy through Covetrus when they have two active lawsuits against them. I paid for the blood test with him and she does not have heartworm. She needs her pills but he will not release her prescription.

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