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The Most Popular Cat Breeds in America

January 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered what cat breed has charmed the most people across the country? Or which cat gets the most searches online? 

Well, let’s answer your question right now; it’s the Maine Coon of course. That fat furry cat is currently producing nearly a million searches per month. 

What about the rest? We did a deep dive on cat breeds and had a lot of trouble getting reliable statistics from anywhere, presumably since so many cats are mixed breed. So we decided to base our research off of search volumes from the popular platform Ahrefs. 

Now, let’s see which cats generate the most searches online in the United States. 

1. Maine Coon

The absolute most popular cat is the Maine Coon cat which brings in nearly a million searches per month. An affectionate favorite of many, the Maine Coon is an obvious choice. These cats have a rugged long fur and heavyset body, making them adorable. Pair that with extreme intelligence and trainability and it’s no wonder these cats have charmed so many. 

Total Searches: 966,000

2. Bengal Cat

Coming in at second for the crown is the Bengal cat, but with a long way to go. Averaging under 500,000 searches per month, the Bengal is still quite the crowd pleaser, but nowhere near the Maine Coon. The Bengal is another beautiful cat with striking fur that makes them look like little leopards. 

Total Searches: 411,000

3. Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat takes a close third, and our guess is due to a split between their actual beauty and their real charm. Ragdoll cats are considered great cat breeds for first time pet owners since they are very easy to get along with and generally very docile. 

Total Searches: 332,000

4. Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat comes in 4th for searches, and is one of the most easily recognizable and beautiful cats out there. Their piercing blue eyes and heightened intelligence make them a treat for any cat owners who can give them the affection they crave. 

Total Searches: 297,000

5. Savannah Cat

Debatable if this cat really comes in at 5th is the Savannah Cat. Debatable because we had to omit searches for “Savannah” due to the popular city of Savannah, GA. But the Savannah cat crosses the elegance of the Siamese cat with the wildness of African serval cats. This also makes them one of the largest cat breeds. 

Total Searches: 249,000

6. Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are probably the cutest cats on the list. Their short legs have charmed so many cat owners. And don’t let their little legs fool you into complacency, the Muchkin Cat is also a well known thief, commonly snatching shiny jewelry from their owners. 

Total Searches: 245,000

7. Tabby Cat

If we had the proper research, I’m sure this would be the most common cat breed in existence. The Tabby is not exactly a breed of cat either, it’s more of a mix of all the breeds, and by far the most common street cat. Tabbys are known for their complex fur patterns and long life spans, probably due to genetic superiority due to so much mixed breeding. 

By the way, we definitely are not biased, we only have 4 Tabby cats. 

Total Searches: 237,000

8. Persian Cat

The most luxurious of all cats, the Persian Cat comes in at number 8 on our list. Their thick fur has captivated so many over the years, and their long coats require extreme care from their owners. 

Total Searches: 214,000

9. Sphynx Cat

The ugly (sorry Sphynx lovers) and hairless cat comes in as the 9th most searched for cat in our study. The Sphynx cat is known to many as the bald cat, and was recently discovered back in the 60’s. They are a challenging breed, and rare in the sense that they require frequent bathing due to their lack of fur. 

Total Searches: 213,000

10. Scottish Fold Cat

The last on our list is the Scottish Fold. Similar to the Sphynx cat, the Scottish Fold is a relatively new breed of cat first found in the 60’s. The Scottish Fold’s most memorable trait is their ears which fold down forward and make them look like an adorable owl just begging for attention all the time. 

Total Searches: 204,000


The Maine Coon is unsurprisingly the undisputed king of cats from a search perspective. This is common knowledge in the cat world, as their owners are fascinated with them. In fact, most of the list was what you could expect, but we are missing the Turkish Angora, a rare beauty in the cat world. The Angora came in at number 28 on our list. 

A more comprehensive list will become available as soon as we can locate data related to cat adoptions to better understand how searches online correlate to actual ownership. 


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