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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

August 10, 2021

Cats are one of the most mysterious animals we have. Some people think that they always know what their cats are thinking, while others believe that a cat can be as unpredictable as the weather. One thing is for sure though: a cat will stare at you every now and then, and it's important to understand why! In this blog post, we'll explore some common reasons for a cat staring at you and if it might mean there's something wrong with them, or if they are working on their mind control!

Your Cat Is Staring To Show Affection

Cats are proud, aloof creatures. They do not like to show weakness or neediness so it is a big kitty compliment when they decide to stare at you and purr. This means that your cat trusts you enough to come close for affection.

Most likely, if your cat stares directly into your eyes for more than just a second then there's something on the tip of their eyes...literally! Cats have sideways slit shaped pupils which allow them an extreme depth perception and magnification that humans lack in order to hunt prey without using energy from precious muscles. This type of pupil also allows cats see better in low-light situations as well as turn their vision 180 degrees around corners with minimum head movement - making it easy for cats to see what's going on around them.

Your Cat Is Staring To Show Dominance

Cats are territorial by nature, and they will use any means possible to mark their territory as "off limits" in order to ward off other kitties or a dog from coming too close. They can communicate through vocalizations, scent-marking with urine and physical posturing such as arching the back or puffing up the fur (this is called 'throwing your shoulders back'). A stare that lasts more than a few seconds could be a sign of dominance over you! Your cat may be staring at you because it wants something: food, attention OR even just some petting time. If nothing else works then maybe it's time to get close to your feline friend and show some affection.

Your Cat Is Staring To Show Fear or Anxiety

Cats have a reputation for being mysterious creatures that are hard to read, but it's important to know that they can actually show their stress through unusual behaviors. If your cat is staring at you and also has dilated pupils then this could mean fear or anxiety. Stressful situations such as loud noises, severe weather changes (extreme heat/cold), too much activity in the house, new animals entering their territory AND unfamiliar people all contribute to making your furry friend feel uneasy and afraid. It may be time to make some gradual adjustments in order to help them get back on track with happiness once again. Another great option for cats with anxiety is CBD, which is a natural way to help ease their state of mind.

If there seems like there is nothing wrong with your cat then there may be something wrong with YOU. They might just be staring because you are making them too easy of a prey target for their hunt instincts! If this is the case, it's recommended to stop what you are doing and get up from your chair so that they can stalk and capture you like any other animal would in the wild.

In all seriousness, if you think your cat is stressed, you should be keeping an eye on him. A cat's behavior will tell you what they are feeling, as long as you can read their body language.

Understanding Your Cats Body Language

Cats have a lot of different ways to communicate and express emotions which can be difficult for humans to decode. The most common things you will notice are posture (how they hold themselves), tail position, facial expression, eye contact and vocalizations.

Angry Cat

An angry cat will hold their body in a tense position and have an arched back. Their tail might be tucked or even puffed up to appear larger while they are rounding their eyes (which gives them the look of being bigger than normal). They may also hiss, growl OR spit at you if they do not approve of what you're doing. It can get intense, so it's best to be across the room from them if they are in a mood.

Frightened Cat

A frightened cat will usually hide rather than present themselves for confrontation. If your cat is scared then it's important to use soothing words and calming gestures when approaching them. This could include shushing sounds, gentle petting AND trying to stay as calm as possible so that your kitty doesn't feel threatened by your actions. You need to position yourself as a harmless human that's on their team. Break out the treats and approach with a slow but confident manner.

Happy Cat

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not always filled with hatred. They can be quite happy and content to just lay there while you pet them or provide a nice snuggly spot for napping! When cats are happy they generally look content and will have a relaxed posture. They may also purr, rub against you or even roll over to show their belly in order to get some more petting time! This is also when they are most curious, so you may find them behind the couch or in otherwise strange places, but it's just their curiosity coming out to play.

Stressed Cat

A stressed cat will often beat their tail against the ground in short quick movements OR they might do it more slowly but still forcefully enough as if they want something that is preventing them from moving forward. You may also notice your kitty frantically grooming themselves or hiding under furniture - these signs show us how frustrated they feel when being overwhelmed by high levels of stress. In order to help your pet, try providing some playtime which includes scratching posts AND toys! These could give your cat an outlet for pent-up energy and frustration that's been building up.

So That's Why My Cat Stares At Me!

This article was written to help you if you've ever asked the question "why does my cat stare at me?". Whether it's because they want something, are scared or just playing with their prey instincts - there is a reason for everything! Now that we've covered the basics of how cats communicate and give off signals through body language, hopefully this will allow us to better read our kitty friend next time you find a cat staring at you. If all else fails then maybe an ear scratch will do the trick!


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