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My Cat Is Obsessed With Me, Now What?

April 9, 2023

Have you ever noticed that you are never truly alone? Is your cat following you around everywhere, almost stalking you? 

Well, your cat may be obsessed with you. 

It’s truly an honor to be so adored by a cat that they are obsessing over you. But maybe their logic for it isn’t quite what you expected. 

Signs Your Cat Is Really Obsessed With You

Here’s the primary ways we can determine if your cat is really obsessed with you: 

They Follow You Around

Probably the most alarming thing a cat can do is follow you around. This is a sure sign they are obsessed with you. If you wake up and your cat is staring at you, or you can’t go into the bathroom alone, this means your cat really has an obsession with you. 

It’s cute, but it can be a bit much sometimes. But don’t discourage them, you are the most interesting thing in their lives most likely. 

The Slow Blink

In cat language, a meow means “wake up” or “help me”. But the slow blink? The slow blink is your kiss on the lips. 

If you never quite spotted a slow blink from your cat, don’t fear! You can activate this one with them by giving them a slow blink first. First, gather your cat and make some strong eye contact with them. Then give them the slow blink and allow them a few seconds to respond to it. If they send it back, you have a cat that loves you. 

Remember, there’s a lot of reasons for a cat to stare at you, but the slow blink has only one meaning. 

Licking You

Now, cats love to be clean, so if you have an especially clean cat they may be licking you because you are dirty. But overall, cats lick to clean and to show affection. And if they aren’t licking you just to show affection, isn’t cleaning you a huge sign they care about you? 

They Kill For You

Yes, the highest honor in the cat kingdom is being the cause of other animals' deaths. If your cat wakes up at night to hunt and kill things for you, they adore you. When you wake up to a slew of dead bodies and your cat acting pleased, it’s a sign they really wanted to show you how much they love you. 

The Headbutt

If you’ve ever had your cat rubbing their head on you, you should know this is an honor. Now, they are marking their territory using pheromones that expel from their face, but still it’s an honor. It means that they are marking you, because in their eyes you are theirs. 

Hopefully you feel the same way! 

Endless Purring

Some cats can get extremely vocal with their owners. If you hear someone constantly purring it means they are comfortable and relaxed in your presence. Of course they are obsessed. It’s a great feeling to be comfortable around someone. 

Purring can be taken as the ultimate sign of affection. It’s what cats do when they feel good. And if you didn’t have to do anything to get a purr from them, you can safely say that they are obsessed with you. 

Sleeping On You

If you wake up with a heavy weight on your chest and some cat hair in your mouth, you can assume someone used you as a pillow in the night. Now, we’ve talked before about how to keep your cat off your bed, but if you’re not one of those people, and your cat is sleeping ON you, they have an obsession. 

Most cats will sleep near you. That’s just their nature. But to use you as a pillow or mattress - this shows they fear being away from you. They have an obsession. 

Reasons Your Cat Is Obsessed With You

There’s a few reasons your cat may be feeling such a connection with you. Some are good, some are meh. It’s important to understand why your cat loves you so much before you gain too much of an ego with them. 

They Are Bored

Your cat may be feeling such a huge amount of affection for you, chasing you around, and generally obsessing over you simply because you are the most interesting thing in their lives. This could be a sign that they need a bit more stimulation in their lives. 

You can try getting a cat tree, or even some cat shelves for them to hop around on. This should help them have a better love life balance and give you a much needed rest from being the star of the show all the time. 

They Have Anxiety

Yes, cats can get anxiety too, and in a big way. In fact, cats are more temperamental than humans in nature. They do well with routines, and once you break that routine, they get anxious. 

You can review the past few months of life through your cat's eyes to find changes. Did you move or add a new member to your household? These are huge triggers for cats and could be a cause of them trying their best to never leave your site. 

If you think your cat has anxiety, one of the easiest ways to help remedy this is with CBD. You can give your cats CBD to help calm them down so you can breathe on your own a little bit. 

They Are Lonely

Similar to boredom, cats can get lonely. They need excitement and companionship, and if it’s just you and your cat, they might be feeling a little lonely. 

In our household we have four cats, so loneliness isn’t really an issue for them. But Pima is generally separated from the other cats due to his health issues, and he certainly seems to enjoy our company more. Probably because he gets lonely during the day. 

You Feed Them Too Often

If you’re giving your cat treats all the time, they learned to love you. It’s not genuine, nor earned. Take a step back and stop feeding them all the time and see if they still follow you around howling for attention. 

Feeding your cat is the easiest way to get them to stop meowing excessively, but it’s certainly not the best long term solution for it. 

They Are Sick

Yes, the sad concepts are here at last. It’s very possible that your cat is following you around and obsessing over you because they can’t speak and tell you what is wrong. Cats do weird things to get your attention. But if you can’t find a normal reason for the behavior, it could be that they are sick and trying to get your attention. 

Be safe and bring them to the vet for a checkup. There’s so many things that can cause cat sickness it’s impossible to really begin listing symptoms. 

They Love You

The last reason for your cat to be obsessed with you is the most obvious reason. They adore you. Yes, cats have favorite humans, and this means you are their favorite. 

This could be because you feed them, you pet them, you take care of them, or so many other reasons. Most likely it’s a combination of all of those things. If your cat is obsessed with you, take it as a huge compliment. 


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