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Naz, the darling mother of the group was our first love. We found her during COVID, sitting around outside our apartment on a chair catching some sun. We instantly fell in love with her and tried to feed her. She seemed to like us and for a few days she would continue coming back to our apartment to hang out. 

Eventually, we would let her out during the day while we went to work and she would come at night. But on the real onset of COVID we started keeping her all the time. And then one day she ran away, and a few days later she came back and it turns out she was pregnant. 

We won’t dwell on the whole story here, but as you can guess, she had a bunch of kitties in our apartment and we named them after famous sections of the Grand Canyon as we had a book about it nearby and had recently taken a trip there. 

Naz is definitely the moodiest of cats, and she hates sharing or being told what to do. If you try to pet her, she will run away. And we mean run away. She gets frightened really easily, and she’s very averse to humans. Once she gets to know you though, she loves being pet. In fact, she’s probably the most affectionate of all the cats. She loves getting her belly rubbed, or just getting pet all day. 

Naz also loves staring out the window. Occasionally she still tries to escape, but always ends up coming back in a few minutes. 

Naz isn’t big on toys or playing, but her favorite toy is the laser light. She also loves the windows, and running from one side of the apartment to the other. 

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