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Yavapai is definitely not the leader of the pack, but he’s a sweet cat who means well. He loves being social and he loves talking. 

Yavapai is our loudest cat, by far, for better or worse. 

He cries like crazy at 7am every single morning because he knows its time for food. He will claw at the door and meow until we get up and feed him. What a diva. 

After he eats hes all smiles. He loves to sleep on the cat tree or the floor. Yavapai is not one for climbing on everything, the worst we’ve seen him do is jump on the end tables. 

Yavapai is all about cuddles and friendship. He’s Yaki’s best friend, and he loves spending time with us. A closed door is an enemy to Yavapai. Once you open a door he will look around and assess the situation, but once he does he will come to you and cry until you pet him and give him attention. 

Yavapai is an awful hunter. He can’t kill anything, and he’s not so great with playing either. His favorite toy is a ball of shoelace. 

Yavapai is the only of the children to go into heat. And he was awful. We often wonder if that is the reason that he acts so differently than the other cats. On top of going into heat, Yavapai has awful ears that need to be cleaned often. Multiple vet visits have confirmed its nothing serious, but it sure gets annoying. Yavapai is also the cat that pees on things, though not so much any more. His hygiene level for the litter boxes is insane, once it gets dirty he turns our apartment into a barn. 

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