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Yaki is our helpful social cat. IF there’s something going on in our apartment, you can bet he’s involved. He’s everywhere at once and that’s the way he likes it. He doesn’t hide from adversity, he faces it head on. 

Yakis favorite spot is our cat tree, where he spends most of his days curled up in the hammock that’s too small for him. But that’s his style; going where he shouldn’t go. Which is why we find him in the most peculiar of places in our apartment.

He loves playing with running water in the shower, but he’s deathly afraid of actually getting wet. Yet his adventurous and curious side won’t allow him to stay away from someone in the shower, he just has to see what’s going on. 

In the evenings he’s the worst. He runs and jumps from anything he can, and he’s usually the reason we wake up at night. He loves to climb on desks and tables and sniff around to look at all the objects, but he’s a little clumsy so he knocks a lot of objects down. 

Yakis favorite toy is a black twist tie that you get on loaves of bread. He goes nuts for them, he throws them all around and chases them. 

He’s a great hunter - he is always the one to kill bugs in the apartment and he has no problem going after them. If he spots a bug that’s too high for him he will climb onto the tallest object he can to get closer to it. If that doesn’t work he will cry because it agitates him so much that he can’t reach the bug to kill it. 

He’s also a very affectionate cat. If you’re having a bad day he will be by your side. If your watching a movie he will hop on the bed and sit with you, either to sleep or to be guard. He loves company and he loves being around his humans. 

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