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There’s so much to say about our darling Pima. He’s the runt of the litter. From birth his life has been hard. Naz refused to clean him and we had to cut his cord. She also repeatedly tried to abandon him under the bed in the first few days. It just gave us more reason to protect him. 

Pimas always had small legs, and for a while it wasn’t an issue but now it is. His bones are moving and they push into his spine, so he hardly moves these days. He can’t run, and he can’t jump. But he’s so loving. 

Since he was a baby he’s always been way more interested in the humans than the other cats. But he was a great friend to Yaki and they used to wrestle all of the time. 

Pima's favorite toy used to be the laser light. He loves that thing so much and he would cry when it stopped. 

Pima also hated our hand towels in the kitchen for whatever reason. He used to enter the kitchen, see them hanging off the stove, and cry. Then he would swat them and drag them to the ground and usually sleep on them. 

Pimas is reserved but he’s not shy. Once he knows you, you’re family. He loves our company and we frequently put him in bed with us. When he was younger he used to climb up into our bed every morning and sleep with us. As he got more crippled it got harder for him.

Pima's life isn’t great these days. He uses CBD to ease his pain. We carry him to his food and water bowl in the morning and to the litter box and then carry him back to his orthopedic bed. The same goes for the evening. We do our best to give him as much love and attention as possible. 

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